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[TRAILER] ::: In the Hour of Chaos (2016)


"In the Hour of Chaos" documents the little-known story of the Reverend Martin Luther King Sr. (1899-1984) – or “Daddy King” as he was known to loved ones – and his incredible ability to persevere despite the tragic loss of his firstborn son, Martin Jr., to an assassin's bullet in Memphis, the mysterious drowning of his youngest son Alfred and the shocking murder of his wife Alberta.


Directed by: Bayer Mack
Written by: Frances Presley Rice
Produced by: Frances Presley Rice and Bayer Mack
Co-produced by: Victor Young
Executive Producer(s): Gabriell DeBear Paye, Nanci Grady
Associate Producer: R. Peter Rice
Art Direction: Julie Anderson

Studio: Block Starz Music Television